When I got back to San Antonio, I joined the Master’s Swimming team, MOST (Masters of South Texas).  It’s a great group of people, and we just went to the South Central Zone Championship Meet for short course yards, held in the Woodlands, in the Houston area.  Our team won, and it was great to get to know the other swimmers, especially the ones who practice at different times, and whom I’d never met.  Wow, there are some good swimmers in the area, and I had fun getting to watch them.

For me the highlight was having my parents come along with me.  We rented a house near the pool, and enjoyed waking up to the birds chirping in the Woodlands’ trees, ahhh, so peaceful.  The pool for the Conroe Independent School District is really nice as well.  Certainly one of the nicer pools I’ve been in.  It seems to be a saltwater pool, and has a beautiful wood ceiling.  I’m getting spoiled swimming in all of the great pools we have in Texas.  San Antonio has some really nice ones too, but that’s the subject of another blog.