When I travel, I normally spend a lot of time looking for the right spots to relax and work on my laptop.  Each place has it’s own character.  Some places are quiet and empty, while others are crowded and noisy.  Sometimes you feel like a cup of coffee or other times you want a glass of wine or a beer while you work.  For me, natural light is always important because, as my friend Sara, a lighting designer once told me, natural lighting is a stimulant, so I feel like I always benefit from that when it’s available.  And, of course, the different places you may find yourself tend to impact the way you think, and feel when you are working.  Today, I decided that I could treat my city as though I were traveling somewhere, and just kind of explore for good places to work.  So, I headed off to The Pearl to begin work on this blog, and had a great, productive day.

There are a number of nice things about The Pearl.  First of all, the mood there is really optimistic, and friendly.  I don’t know how they’ve done it, but somehow people feel welcome, and relaxed there, like it’s your neighborhood block-party, your backyard, or something.  Maybe it’s the public wifi, so you can bring your laptop outside and work, or the fountain you can bring your kids to splash around in, or one of my favorite things, is that you can grab a beer or drink to-go, and just walk around with it, or take a drink from the Hotel Emma Bar, and just sit in front of the fireplace out front. The Pearl does a great job of inviting people to just come and hang out however you like, and make yourself at home.

Local Coffee!

Being that the purpose of this trip was to sit for a couple of hours and build this website. I began my journey at Local Coffee. I love this place. While they have a few locations, and the one in The Pearl is my favorite, because, well, it’s in The Pearl, what I love most about this place is the coffee. It’s gotten to the point that at home, it’s considered an emergency if we run out of it, and have to drink something else.

I got my coffee, and sat outside, enjoying the nice day, and felt really productive. If you are curious as to how I setup this blog, I am making another blog post, about the process of setting up a WordPress site on Google Cloud Platform, which you can read if you like.

Once I had gotten my work done I walked over to the Food Hall.

Food Hall

This place is really cool too. I had a good bowl of Ramen from Tenko Ramen, and a beer from the bar at the end of the hall, and took it out to the lawn to eat. It’s really a nice family atmosphere out there, with kids jumping in the fountains while the parents get drunk on sweet alcoholic beverages.  My only regret is that I didn’t get a beer to go at Southerleigh’s but I suppose I can do that next time!